Friday, February 01, 2013

fo: Lillie no. 2

Brrr... it was a balmy zero degrees F when I woke up this morning. While this is pretty standard for a Minnesota winter, it's unusual for Chicago. Frigid temperatures like this often come with beautiful blue skies and sunshine, which I love, and the cold, brisk air is invigorating! The crock pot is cooking away with Skinnytaste's picante chicken and black bean soup
pLillie Baby Cardigan by Laura Edwards
0.9 skeins = 189.0 yards
needles: US 9 and US 10
size: 0-3 months
I absolutely love this Beaverslide yarn. It is super cooshy and cozy, and once you block it, the yarn blooms and becomes fleecy. Downside? It's hand-wash only. I made this a little shorter than the pattern. Also made short sleeves since I didn’t have very much yarn (this is leftover from another project). The buttons are La Mode style no. 29509 / hook 639.
Seriously, that tiny sweater had been languishing in the knitting basket waiting for buttons for months. Kind of like my Drops cardigan, which had been stranded on sleeve island since October. No longer!
Buttons and blocking, then it's ready to wear! The yoke went very quickly -- the textured stitches were fun to work -- as soon as I tired of the lace pattern, it was time for trinity stitch, and so on...


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

That baby cardigan is too cute for words! And I can't wait to see some final shots of your cardigan. The glimpse at the yoke there looks absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

I think those little sweaters might be a little addictive :P

Emily said...

Your Drops cardi is so pretty! I've had that in my queue forever, now I'm thinking of bumping it up to the top!

Tracy Altieri said...

Both are lovely! I find that the sleeves on baby cardigans are usually too long anyway.

Chris said...

Very cute baby cardi! :)

I hope the soup was as delicious as it sounds.

So tired of all this cold weather. I'm not sure it broke zero here on Friday.

Hilary said...

Another one! Those little baby cardis are SO cute. Your Drops sweater is lovely, too!! That color is going to be gorgeous on you!

Katie M. said...

That is such a sweet baby sweater! I've really got to try some Beaverslide one of these days -- it's looks so pretty knit up. And I can't wait to see some modeled shots of your new cardigan! It looks awesome!

Rebekka said...

That is so incredibly!