Wednesday, October 28, 2015

yarn along: h is for hawk

A Flax Pullover in the works, in purple, Erik's favorite color.

While reshuffling Erik's dresser and closet when the cool weather hit, I realized that Erik didn't have any handknit sweaters that fit. Talk about the cobbler's children!

Poor Erik! That is what I keep thinking as he adjusts to being a big brother. To go from being the star to sharing the spotlight in the blink of an eye can't be easy. I was essentially an only child (my brother was in his late teens when I was born), so this is new territory for me. Then again, soon Erik will have a playmate and compatriot, something I didn't have growing up, turning instead to books as my constant companions.

A Chouette owl hat for Erik is almost done, to boot.

Joining Ginny in the Yarn Along today: I'm reading H is for Hawk, by Helen Macdonald, a beautifully written (at times perhaps over-written) memoir about how the author (a Cambridge academic and poet), prompted by the loss of her father, immersed herself in training a young goshawk. Essentially falconry as therapy. A rare turn for me to read two nonfiction works back to back (Love, Nina last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed).

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October warm woollies

Spending this cool and crisp October morning with this sweet girl, the Avett brothers, and a mug of hot coffee. Blissful! Heather from my knitting group knit this wee cardigan for Erik when he was a baby, and I knit the booties just for Bridget. They stay on, they're warm, and they're super cute. Handknits for the win! Unfortunately I have no recollection of the pattern details. Sigh... The yarn is Malabrigo Rios. They would make a terrific go-to quick baby gift, so I'll try to figure out which pattern I used.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

bitty cabled cardigan, again

Bridget, alert and wearing the bitty cabled cardigan I knit for her big brother.

Flashback to Erik, sporting the same cardigan two years ago -- my, how time flies! We celebrated Erik's second birthday with family last weekend, and he was a little shell-shocked by all the attention, cupcakes and presents.

Yes, he adores chocolate. Totally gets that from me.

 Lots of snuggles with wee Bridget these days. She's plumping up nicely -- look at those cheeks!
Yarnalong: just starting Love, Nina: A Nanny Writes Home and casting on a Nurmilintu shawl with some pretty Orange Flower yarn.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

yarnalong: crooked heart

a cozy autumn stroll, complete with handknit candy corn hat (thanks, Anne!) and cozy baby chalice blankie

joining Ginny for the yarnalong this morning:
Crooked Heart, by Lissa Evans and the start of another Barley hat