Tuesday, November 07, 2017

November musings

I've missed this space. Still knitting, reading, cooking, editing, and chasing after my beautiful small children who are truly coming into their own.

We celebrated their fall birthdays with homemade cakes and something to wear/do/read (2 and 4! no babies anymore, which is bittersweet).

We road-tripped across the Upper Midwest to visit family and have felt the hard march of time as our loved ones become more frail and fragile. Life is full and beautiful and sad all at the same time, and much of the news seems unbearable, with a new disaster each day. Almost inconceivable. But I'm working on a new crazy scarf, and we have each other and a warm house and food on the table and cozy handknit sweaters and cowls, and we just keep on keeping on as best we can.