Thursday, July 17, 2014

summertime is crochet time

another cozy blanket for a wee one, this time for my dear friend's little boy

yet another crochet blankie in the works

I'm loving the Capresso FrothPro Erik (i.e., Paul) gave me for Mother's Day. It works beautifully, and I've been enjoying cappuccinos out on the front porch lately. 

Other things making me happy these days...
 puttering around in the garden
Anathem by Neal Stephenon on audiobook (absolutely engrossing)
Family Tree, an HBO series by Christopher Guest starring Chris O'Dowd (so funny!)
Doubleknit podcast (Erin and Jessica talk knitting, books, movies... you know, all the important things)
jam tarts, best eaten outdoors
this little guy (now crawling up a storm!):

the bounty of local veggies from our neighborhood farmers' market:

Yes, that is the cat sitting on the dining room table, because that is how we roll, folks. 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

rhubarb buttermere

Just as we finished off the first batch of rhubarb syrup, I washed and blocked my rhubarb-inspired shawlette!

It's rather larger than I expected, and the bamboo/rayon gives it a nice sheen. I'm still a wool or cashmere girl at heart, though, so I probably will use up the bamboo blends I have, but not buy any more.

Pattern: Buttermere Shawl, by Victoria Magnus (of Eden Cottage Yarns)
Yarn: Knitting Notions Classic Merino Bamboo, Ruby, 1 skein
Needles: US 5 Clover bamboo circs

This pattern would make a great introduction to knitting lace or shawls! It's very easy, there's lots of stockinette with just the fun lace bit at the end, and there's no garter tab to mess with. I bound off on the wrong side purl wise --p2tog, pass stitch back to left needle, repeat.

I enjoyed this project thoroughly -- the rhythm of knitting this felt so natural to me, and it reminded me why I love to knit. Very relaxing. I worked on this while watching Family Tree (Chris O'Dowd! I love him! very funny) and the 2011 Jane Eyre (the one with Mia Wasikowksa and Michael Fassbender). So overwrought -- I remember once thinking that Jane Eyre was the sane counterpart to Wuthering Heights, now not so much. Those Brontes! Paul said that I sounded like Mr. Mybug. I suppose I fall more on the "sense" end of the spectrum rather than the "sensibility." But the gothic look was just right, and it captured the spookiness that often gets ignored in film adaptations. The Buttermere shawlette would be just the thing to wear while strolling the grounds of Thornfield Hall.

 Moxie Cat atop a copy of English Home -- good taste, that one.

Remember the spring cleaning KAL I did back in April? Inspired by that, I dug out a couple more projects and finished them up. Huzzah! Two cozy Malabrigo cabled scarves into the bin for holiday gifts (though it will be awfully hard to give away the blue one).