Thursday, July 17, 2014

summertime is crochet time

another cozy blanket for a wee one, this time for my dear friend's little boy

yet another crochet blankie in the works

I'm loving the Capresso FrothPro Erik (i.e., Paul) gave me for Mother's Day. It works beautifully, and I've been enjoying cappuccinos out on the front porch lately. 

Other things making me happy these days...
 puttering around in the garden
Anathem by Neal Stephenon on audiobook (absolutely engrossing)
Family Tree, an HBO series by Christopher Guest starring Chris O'Dowd (so funny!)
Doubleknit podcast (Erin and Jessica talk knitting, books, movies... you know, all the important things)
jam tarts, best eaten outdoors
this little guy (now crawling up a storm!):

the bounty of local veggies from our neighborhood farmers' market:

Yes, that is the cat sitting on the dining room table, because that is how we roll, folks. 


Rue said...

The new little guy looks very knit- and crochet-worthy. And look at that spectacular unsupported sitting from Erik!

I'll have to check out the podcast - it sounds fantastic.

Caffeine Girl said...

Are there cats that don't sit on the table?

I really must learn to crochet. You can make such cute things -- and so fast.

I bookmarked the page for the frother. Very tempting.

Erik is growing so fast -- and is just darling.

Tracy Altieri said...

Things sound so wonderfully satisfying!

Stephanie said...

I was also thinking that Mr Erik looks like a mighty fine sitter in that photo! Thanks for the recipes. Wish I had read the zucchini one last night, as we could have had a more interesting side dish. ;-) (sjn821 on Rav)

Cindy said...

Do you ever sell your products. I love the shawlettes, especially the rhubarb colored one, but any color would do. Thanks.