Wednesday, October 28, 2015

yarn along: h is for hawk

A Flax Pullover in the works, in purple, Erik's favorite color.

While reshuffling Erik's dresser and closet when the cool weather hit, I realized that Erik didn't have any handknit sweaters that fit. Talk about the cobbler's children!

Poor Erik! That is what I keep thinking as he adjusts to being a big brother. To go from being the star to sharing the spotlight in the blink of an eye can't be easy. I was essentially an only child (my brother was in his late teens when I was born), so this is new territory for me. Then again, soon Erik will have a playmate and compatriot, something I didn't have growing up, turning instead to books as my constant companions.

A Chouette owl hat for Erik is almost done, to boot.

Joining Ginny in the Yarn Along today: I'm reading H is for Hawk, by Helen Macdonald, a beautifully written (at times perhaps over-written) memoir about how the author (a Cambridge academic and poet), prompted by the loss of her father, immersed herself in training a young goshawk. Essentially falconry as therapy. A rare turn for me to read two nonfiction works back to back (Love, Nina last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed).


Tracy Altieri said...

He has gotten so big!

Caffeine Girl said...

Such a darling boy! Don't feel too sorry for him. Having a sib who's close in age is a wonderful gift. He will love bossing her around and she will worship him! (Guess how I know? To this day Seth and Rachel are the best of friends!)

Stephanie said...

Now you have handknits for 2 to keep up with! ;-) Fortunately there are some hand-me-downs. I'm planning to start a Harvest for 3 year old DD (hopefully) this week. (sjn821 on Rav)

Rue said...

Both knits look great!and I agree with the other comments - having a sibling will eventually be great for Eric. These first months can be rough on that front but watching your kids play together is really, really nice.

Jodi said...

This is so good to hear! I know in the long run it will be good for the kids, but a little tough now during the adjustment period.