Thursday, February 28, 2013

the usual -- cats + knitting

two cats, one heated cat bed in the study
an uneasy alliance
Never mind that there's another heated cat bed in the living room, plus a regular cat bed just a few feet away. Such funny little ladies.
Remember how I ran out of yarn (one of my usual tricks) while working on Burnett? I actually found a smidge more yarn squirreled away in the storage ottoman by my knitting chair! Just enough to finish it up.
pattern: Burnett, by Amanda Keep
yarn: Knit Picks Bare Superwash Merino (worsted weight), 2 skeins
needles: Clover US 6 bamboo circs
size: 9 months

The directions get a bit confusing once you get to the left front neck, and the pattern requires careful reading. I moved the buttonholes closer to the edge, since I wanted to work a single crochet border around the whole shebang to make it look neater and more finished. I should have worked one more buttonhole at the top. Doh! Also, the sleeves are extremely long -- you are supposed to roll them up, but I think it's a little overboard.

I'm trying to make bolder button choices -- often I use very boring, neutral buttons, when a pop of color really would be a nice finishing touch. I'm so glad I found these cute red buttons -- 5/8” “Colors Favorite Findings” in color no. 2. Very affordable! $.99 for a pkg of 20 at JoAnn.


peaknits said...

Cats are so funny...and territorial:) love the sweater, the red buttons are just the right kick of color!

Tracy Altieri said...

Lovely! I always find baby sweater patterns call for sleeves that are just unrealistically long for baby arms!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness. The kitties are killing me. Of COURSE they would have to get into the same bed! And cute sweater! I love the red buttons!

Caffeine Girl said...

Heated cat beds? LOL!

What a darling sweater.

Katie M. said...

Silly kitties! I wish I could get Alice and Eugene to cuddle up ... maybe if Nashville were colder? I love the red buttons on that sweet card!