Monday, October 13, 2014

in which I am proven wrong yet again

Erik's new barley hat isn't all that big after all. Our little woodland sprite celebrated his first birthday in Door County last week.
It was a magical vacation -- fresh air, fall colors, lots of firsts. Erik was initially skeptical of the hiking backpack, but he warmed up to it and loved riding up high and looking around.

 And goofing off at Newport State Park:
Plus Erik managed to sport an amazing number of handknits -- not only his barley hat, but also his burnett cardigan and October vest.
The cardigan in action at Al Johnson's (mmmm... lingonberries! Scandinavian kitsch!):


Rue said...

Happy birthday, Erik! It looks like you had a fantastic trip.
(And thanks for the reminder that I need to get started on new hats for the girls! Do you have any favorite patterns at this point?)

Ness said...

Look at him! He's crazy about that hat! :)

Caffeine Girl said...

What a cutie! He is just darling and a great model for handknits.

I love Door County and am jealous that you got to eat at Al's!

Stephanie said...

Adorable fall fun! You guys get great photos with lots of personality of Mr Erik. (sjn821 on Rav)

erin kate said...

So so cute! Love babies in handknits !

kathy b said...

I love all things Door County. Your elf hat is so darling on your beautiful baby son!!
Where are the goats?? Probably on the other side of the roof

Allison said...

There's so much to love here! Door County! A baby layered in handknits! Happy birthday to your little guy. :)