Monday, July 15, 2013

off the hook

I swear, this is going to be the warmest, coziest baby in North America. I haven't just been knitting -- I've also been crocheting for our little guy. I find crochet quite soothing and relaxing. I could work on this afghan even at the queasiest and most exhausted point of my first trimester.
pattern: swaddle me blankie, by crochet kitten
yarn: knit picks simply cotton worsted, wave heather and green tea heather
hook: clover soft touch g (4.0 mm)

Yes, yet another diagonal box-stitch afghan! Love that stitch pattern. I've said it once, but it's worth saying again: working corner-to-corner is amazing. No need for fiddling with a foundation chain -- mine always end up too tight. I did many more repeats of the stitch pattern and skipped the hood.

in the kitchen

Have you seen this one-pot-wonder recipe making the rounds on Pinterest?

I was intrigued, so we gave it a try. It goes against everything I thought I knew about making pasta -- you throw in everything all together with very little liquid. The flavor permeates the linguine noodles themselves.

Absolutely delicious, especially considering how easy and quick it is to make! Next time I'd add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes to make the flavor a little richer. Topping it with some browned Italian chicken sausage or sauteed shrimp would kick it up a notch.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky baby, to be covered in so much handmade goodness :)

BCGramma said...

The blanket is beautiful, love the colors. Thanks for the one pot recipe, it sounds delicious.

Tracy Altieri said...

I love feeling the maternal joy that is coming through your posts! Yes, I have seen the one-pot-wonder, and I'm so glad to see that it works!1807

little olive said...

that blanket is beautiful! I just ordered some knit picks yarn as well for a baby blanket for friend.. might have to do this pattern!

Hilary said...

Lucky baby!! Again, don't resist the urge. :)

I did make that one-pot recipe, but silly me added a bunch more liquid because I thought I knew better and then my noodles turned out really soggy. It was still tasty, though! Great idea re: adding shrimp or sausage. I think I need to give this one another try.

(P.S. I swear, when I comment on this blog, my captcha words always look like Latin!)

Rue said...

Fabulous blanket! And I love the colors.

I'll have to try the linguine recipe - it would be perfect for my latest crop of balcony cherry tomatoes.