Thursday, July 18, 2013

fo: easy baby cardigan

We're back in the city after a relaxing long weekend in the north woods of Wisconsin. Swimming, boating, and plenty of reading and knitting -- just the prescription for what has been a rather hectic summer so far.
The latest in the parade of baby knits! I have been stockpiling baby knits for months, but am just now sewing on buttons and the like.

pattern: easy baby cardigan, by joelle hoverson
yarn: patons classic wool merino, denim marl, 1 skein
needles: clover US 7 bamboo circs
size: 6-9 months

My gauge was a little off, but I was happy with the fabric, so I followed the measurements for the next size smaller.

Not my favorite pattern -- the increases on the neck are awkward and result in puckering. It really is easy, though. The yarn is also not anything to write home about, but it had been marinating in my stash for years, and I was very happy to use it! Still two more skeins left, however.

The buttons are basic navy blue plastic ones from JoAnn (yes, I used them for the bitty cabled cardigan, too). As usual, I delved into my embroidery floss stash to sew them on.


Stephanie said...

I tend to read blogs on my phone and not comment, so if I haven't already said so, congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one! Looks like he will be warm and well dressed in handknits. :-) Our little girl just turned 1 on 6/26. (sjn821)

Tracy Altieri said...

Just darling - this little boy will certainly ready for the fall!

Anonymous said...

There is a free pattern for a hooded raglan cardigan on the Knitting Pure & Simple website. Have you seen that one? It knits at 5 stitches per inch, so it's quick to knit, and it is very cute. I have made it many times---it is my go-to baby gift.

Rue said...

Too bad about the neckline - it's a cute sweater. Would a different increase help ease the fabric? This is going to be one well dressed baby!