Tuesday, October 12, 2010

busy, busy

There are lots of baby showers on the horizon, so I'm back to knitting wee little sweaters and the like. This is my favorite kind of knitting --  baby knits go quickly, use small amounts of yarn, and let you try out new techniques, as well as styles that are just too twee for grown-ups. Here's a Pebbles baby vest in progress.  Just a couple more ends to weave in, plus buttons and blocking.
This doesn't take much yarn at all!  I'm using a skein of Brooklyn Handspun Instant Gratification DK-weight merino sock yarn that has been marinating in the stash for quite some time. The colorway is "slate." I actually think I could squeeze a second vest out of the skein, too!  Really a neat little (free) pattern -- I like the garter stitch details. We'll see how well I like sewing on all the buttons, though.
This is a busy week.  The start of the quarter has seen me running around like crazy, including a few frantic, crabby days. Poor Paul... our suburban Ikea odyssey (to look at bookcases) was not our best Sunday. That said, almost every Ikea trip makes me nuts.  I always feel a bit like a salmon swimming upstream, surrounded by all the carts, frantic people in decision-making mode, and cheaply-made goods.  
The one upshot of our shopping trip? I'm very much looking forward to cracking open this bottle of Crispin hard cider, an artisanal reserve edition fermented with Trappist yeasts (called "The Saint"), on Friday night. Crispin is a Minneapolis-based business (short Star Trib blub here).
The Elsie cardigan was hastily blocked and finished (with little white flower buttons), just in time for a certain someone's first birthday:
Yep, it's too big... and it was too darn hot to get good modeled shots of a baby in an overly large wool sweater on an 85-degree fall day.  Hopefully her mom will send me a better photo this winter! 

The details are on my Ravelry project page.  I loved the pattern, and the crochet edging was very easy and quick.  I'll definitely try more of Jane Richmond's designs. In fact, I'm already dreaming of an Oatmeal Pullover, just like Amanda Soule's. When I'm done with my Greenfield cardigan, of course...


barefootrooster said...

i hear you about crabbiness, though i don't have much to blame it on except the middle of the semester... love that pebbles vest. and please do report back on that cider!

Rue said...

Adorable baby sweater! And I'm with you on the buttons - certainly not my favorite part of knitting.

Enjoy that Crispin cider! I've had some of that brand (is brand even the right word for cider?) before and it's fabulous.

(And if you're still in the market for a bookcase, let me know since we might need to get rid of a big one soon in order to free up some space.)

Katie M. said...

So sweet! I hope all of the cuteness helps fight the crabby. Not that the crabby can always be fought.

Funny story: I was eating at the German table in the undergraduate international house last night (yeah, it's required). At house announcement time, some girl was mysteriously congratulated (no reason given) and everyone started clapping. All I could think was "she must be pregnant." Yeah. Guess I got old somewhere along the way.

Chris said...

Here's hoping things settle down a bit for you!

Cute baby vest and sweater - and having a sweater be a bit too big is much better than the alternative, isn't it? :)

I've had the Crispin cider, but not that particular type. Hmm.

Gigi said...

Hi Jody,
Cute vest! And the Crispin sounds so good - wonder if I can find some around here -- must look.
I ordered some of the Kusmi tea you recommended a while back -- so very delicious -- thanks for the tip!

Caroline said...

Somehow it always makes me feel happier to hear about other teachers struggling to balance life and work. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I soooo agree with you.

I first saw an Ikea catalog about twenty-five years ago when a Danish friend showed me hers. Then when Ikea stores started opening in the U.S., I was really excited, but they pretty much overwhelm me now, and you're right about most of the stuff being cheap.

Sharon said...

You have a brilliant eye for pattern and yarns when it comes to baby knits. I'm off to visit your Ravelry page!