Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Sweater-wearing season has begun here in Chicago (hurray!). What better time to cast on for a new cozy cardigan? 

I'm making a Greenfield Cardigan from the book New England Knits:
photo from Interweave
The design reminds me a bit of the February Lady Sweater, without the lace, but with a bit of waist shaping, plus that cute leaf detail. The yarn is Kimmet Croft Softie, which is 25% angora and really neat (plus it's from Wisconsin).  I think it's woollen spun? It has little bits of VM, which don't bother me, and the yarn really blooms and changes texture when you wash and block it.  Yes, I actually did wash and block my swatch for once. Mia sent me the yarn a couple of years ago, and I'm so happy to be using it!
knitting in unexpected places

- Design*Sponge with a pattern for a handknit lampshade.  It's actually pretty cute, though it does strike me as a possible fire hazard.

- Apartment Therapy on knitting-inspired home decor

recipe round-up

Apparently October's the time for comfort food! The greatest hits from the past two weeks are not exactly health food, but they're delicious:

- Squash, Bacon, & Goat Cheese Pasta with Basil from the kitchn
Sadly my fresh basil had gone south, so I had to settle for sprinkling in some dried basil.  Fresh basil would elevate this from very good to awesome, in my book. 

- Buffalo-Chicken Macaroni & Cheese
I made a half batch, since the original recipe seemed like it would feed an army.  And indeed, the half batch made 6-8 servings rather than 3-4. I cut back on the butter a bit, and I cooked the chicken breasts myself, as rotisserie chicken is really high in salt (and as a former vegetarian I'm super grossed out by bones).


Mia said...

I like that sweater too. I need to go through my sweater yarn stash and see what I have. And I though I recognized that yarn. Happy you have finally found the perfect pattern for it.

And there is plenty of spinning and preserving still going on. Just saying.

barefootrooster said...

squash and bacon? sign me up. also, greenville is already looking lovely.

Carrie#K said...

That sweater is going to be perfect.

I know really, really want that knitted British Flag chair.

Yum, anything w/bacon! Now I want both those dishes for dinner. Or fried chicken. I'll blame October instead of you. ;)

Sharon said...

Oooh, I really like that cardi pattern. I am especially fond of the three-button closure. I mean, really - who buttons all the buttons on a sweater? So why make all those holes and buy all those buttons?!!

Gigi said...

Oooo, pretty new cardi! And that mac & cheese recipe sounds so good. I'm with you on the whole chicken thing -- don't like the boney part either ;-) - blech.
Oh, and I got the Vanilla Bourbon tea in the mail today -- having some now -- so good! Thanks for sharing ;).

Katie M. said...

That is a perfect fall sweater! And, well, bacon is never wrong ...

Rue said...

Gorgeous sweater! And I love that you've found a great local yarn to use, too.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello over on Tinks and Frogs the other day. It was really nice to see that you're interested in the little scarflet pattern. That's an extra incentive for me to get my act together and actually publish it.

By the way, did we happen to take a classics class together at UofC several years ago? Latin perhaps or something with Cam Grey? You look very familiar :)

peaknits said...

That sweater is perfect - I need this book:) And I need to also check out that yarn.

Chris said...

Oh, pretty sweater!!

That mac & cheese sounds tasty, although I'd have to make an awful lot of recipe tweaks.

abbsQuake said...

Fun post--just wanted to add re: the knitted lamp shade, that wool is naturally fire resistant/retardant, and supposedly often self extinguishes even when it does catch fire, so you'd probably be safe with a low watt bulb, esp if there was no direct contact.