Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pimm's progress

There's nothing like a nice crisp Pimm's & ginger ale on a breezy, sunny summer day.
Yesterday I rewarded myself with a cocktail and some knitting time after a long couple of days (tons of regular things on the to-do list, plus cat-sitting for a friend, plus two separate plumber visits + one appliance service call).
Mum's Shalom is speeding along. I must say that this is a very quick and easy knit so far! With any luck the body will be bound off by the end of today.

I'm loosely following moxymomma's modifications for 38," as well as SouleMama's sleeve modifications:
  • CO 77 sts
  • 3 buttonhole rows -- 6, 22, 38
  • slipped the arm sts to waste yarn instead of BO
  • CO 10 sts at each armhole
  • no waist shaping
I did a one-stitch buttonhole, as the two-stitch buttonhole seemed a bit too large. Next time I'd slip the first stitch of each row (for a cleaner edge).
The kittehs, basking in the morning sun:


Anonymous said...

I love Pimm's and ginger ale!!

Chris said...

Happy kittehs!!!

Dang - two plumber calls?!? Hope things are going more smoothly now...

Helen (Fuss Free Flavours) said...

The second Pimm's post of the evening!

I shall share my secret again.

You can make your own pretty good imitation Pimm’s I call it “the Mix” or “Pim’s”!

1 measure gin, 1 red vermouth, 1/2 orange Curacao (you can use any orange liqueur but the coloured one gives a better Pimm’s colour)

Love Pimm’s / Pim’s. I make it by the litre.

La Cabeza Grande said...

I've had a number of plumbing / appliance problems in the past few months. I feel your pain.

Here's hoping Pimm's makes the problems a little less onerous. Cats basking in sunshine ease my mind, too.

Caffeine Girl said...

I thought my family was the only one on this side of the Atlantic that drank Pimm's Cups! My dad always puts in a cucumber spear.

And I am following your Shalom notes. I actually swatched last night so I should be able to cast on today!

kim said...

Ah, maybe that is what I need while waiting for the landscaper to arrive. Is 9:00 am too early? ;) The Shalom looks great, and the kittens so cozy. Have a great weekend.

Katie M. said...

Yay for Pimm's and ginger ale! It sounds like you more than deserved a cocktail break. I love the color of Shalom, it's going to be so pretty. And kittehs! They're so cute when they tip over like that.

Anonymous said...
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Keya said...

I gave you an award today. Check it out!

Kyoko said...

Hello! I stumbled to your blog. Nice to meet you :D
What a good idea to treat yourself with a cocktail. I should do that for myself too! What a gorgeous kitty you have. I have two who are very lazy.