Sunday, May 02, 2010

preparing for the next onslaught of new babies

When you hit your early 30s, it begins to seem as if babies are lurking behind every corner, ready to pop up anywhere, anytime! I'm working on some projects for the next round of my friends' wee new arrivals:
Pattern: Hip to Be Square Blanket, by Jennifer Braico
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, color #17007, 7? skeins
Needles: Clover US 10.5 bamboo circs
~ on Ravelry ~


Quite a few skeins of the Cashmerino Chunky had knots. Boo! It's a soft, squishy, cozy yarn nevertheless. 71 yds per skein means a lot of joins and ends to weave in.

Easy pattern. The 4-stitch applied i-cord edging looks nice, but it’s not my favorite thing to do. I checked out both tutorials recommended by the pattern designer, among others. The k3, sl1, k1, psso method worked best for me.

When working parallel to the blanket for the i-cord border, I picked up 3 sts for every 4. When working perpendicular, I picked up every stitch.

I would recommend going up a needle size or two for the i-cord edging. Also, don’t pull too tight, or it ends up distorting the blanket.


So I had a good amount of Cashmerino Chunky leftover from the blanket, plus a bunch of partial skeins and odd bits from my beloved giant granny square. Wouldn't it be great to use up all of this Cashmerino? Maybe with some granny squares for a stroller blanket?

If you're a long-term Caffeinated Yarn reader, you know exactly where this is going... Using up stash yarn never goes as smoothly as I anticipate:

Yep, while I do have enough dark pink for the borders, I'm out of contrasting yarn with two squares left to finish:
Typical. However, a couple of Ravelers are coming to the rescue! Knitters truly are the nicest people.

You'll never guess what Colin Meloy (of Decemberists fame) and Carson Ellis are up to! Carson (a knitter, of course) has blogged about it here.


sula said...

You made quick work of that (or it seems like it, at least!). Looks great. I'll have to keep that pattern in mind for the next onslaught of babies.

Chris said...

That first blanket looks so cushy!

Of course using up extra didn't go smoothly - does it for anyone?!

Cool about that childrens book!

Katie M. said...

Oh no! Why is stash busting always a bit of a bust? Glad ravelry could swoop in to the rescue. That first blanket looks extra cozy.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Somehow, stash-busting always ends up with me buying more yarn to finish the stash-busting project! Pretty granny squares.

A.J. said...

Ooh I love the colors in those granny squares--how frustrating that you're left with only those two! Good luck!

Nat at Made in Home said...

Great ideas for babies. So many of my friends are pregnat at the moment as well! Your granny square blanket looks grear.

Bobbi said...

Knitters truly are...yourself included!

kim said...

Oh, it's not just your early 30's. Prepare to be knitting baby stuff for the next 20 as well. They are everywhere! Loving the i-cord edging on the blanket.

Gigi said...

Oh, I love that blankie! There's something so homey and cosy about a blanket made of squares (or faux squares ;-), isn't there?
And thank you so much for the tip about "Nightingale Wood". I think I'm going to buy the audio version so I can knit while I 'read' it. Stella Gibbons is wonderful, isn't she? I adore "Cold Comfort Farm" and sometimes feel like Flora (much older version!) as I go about my homebound teaching duties ;-).

La Cabeza Grande said...

The knit squares blanket is a delight! I know your crochet squares stroller blanket will work out just fine, too.

Anonymous said...
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