Sunday, March 07, 2010

my heart belongs to the snows of Buffalo and Chicago, and all the dirty cities along the way

Eric Johnson and the Fruit Bats returned to Chicago for a show at Lincoln Hall (Schubas' slick new larger venue) last night. I'm just enamored of this band -- this is my 3rd time seeing them this year! Johnson's also in the Shins (which don't get me wrong, I quite like), but the folk-rock-melodic pop vibe from Fruit Bats is just amazing.

Here's the band playing "Tegucigalpa," a song Johnson wrote when he was homesick for Chicago:

for more, see here and here

Their best show I've seen took place at Schubas in March 2009, and you can download the whole thing at Enjoy!
It really was quite the weekend, as we also hit the Chicago Beer Society's Day of the Living Ales yesterday.
crammed into the loading dock of Goose Island Wrigleyville

44 types of cask-conditioned ale! In my book, the big winner was Surly Darkness, a complex Russian Imperial Stout, a bit reminiscent of 3 Floyds Dark Lord, but maybe even better. And where's Surly Brewing Co. located? Minnesota, of course. ;-)
Cocoa Swap 3 just drew to a close! Elizabeth sent me the loveliest parcel:
Such soft and cheerful red merino yarn, along with delicious cocoa from a local coffeeshop, chocolate covered hazelnuts, among other goodies. She knit this cute little creature for me out of her own hand-dyed yarn! What a nice treat at this time of year. Kate sent me a book and some awesome glittery Dream in Color Starry yarn, too:
Many thanks to both!


Chris said...

Oh, fabulous goodies in the mail!

Surly can be found on tap all over the place around here. I'm told it's good. :) And hey, looks like I have a Fruit Bats song in my music library...

barefootrooster said...

i really enjoy the Fruit Bats -- and hooray for tasty beer! and for weekends that feel like weekends!

La Cabeza Grande said...

What a wonderful weekend! I'd love to sample some of that Surly ale, too.

AMIT said...
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Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...
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Sharon said...

Thanks for the band's clip. I did like them - I like a song "about" something. Nice festival and nice presents in the mail - like the little knitted fellow.

knitseashore said...

Lots of good things in your mailbox!

I love the knitted toy. I think it is a Ysolda pattern called Stuffies, which I've been wanting to make. With a tail, it looks a little like a kitty.