Thursday, February 12, 2009

dreaming of spring

Mother Nature teased us with a taste of spring this week, with temps in the 50s. Everyone walked around with smiles on their faces, people chucked off layers of wool and down, and all was well in the world. I even rolled down the window of my car (yes, my 2001 Malibu still has old-fashioned crank windows -- people are flabbergasted at this and don't know what to do at first).

So anyway, in honor of spring, I cast on for a short-sleeved cardi in spring green:
It's the Ariosa Wrap Cardi, a free pattern from Classic Elite. I'm using some well-aged yarn from the stash -- Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky (nice, but not as smooth and cushy as the DK version). Sknitty just finished up a gorgeous neutral version that inspired me. I even tried something new: I knit the sleeves first, both of them:
This is revolutionary, as my sweaters usually get stranded on Sleeve Island, sometimes indefinitely.

Speaking of beautiful free sweater patterns, Berroco just released one I'm dying to knit -- Remember.

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