Friday, August 01, 2008


Coming back from vacation can be rough. Colorado is so beautiful. I love the laid-back vibe in Boulder, the wildflowers, the fresh air up in the mountains, seeing snow in the middle of summer, etc.

I visited two marvelous independent bookstores (Boulder Book Store and Tattered Cover), experienced the sinus-clearing power of the Mint Room at the Celestial Seasonings factory, hiked in the mountains, drank delicious microbrews, and visited with family and friends. I only hit one yarn store, and I didn't even buy anything, although a lovely 100% Bebe Maillebox kit by Bouton d'Or was calling my name.
Here's Lake Isabelle, up in Indian Peaks. See why I didn't want to come home to Chicago?

It has been very hot, both in CO and here in Chi-town, so knitting has been less frequent than usual. I have been cooking, including an indoor picnic last Tuesday.
Albuquerque Corn Salad, from Cooking Light (not quite as delicious as Avocado Corn Salad)

Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates, from the blog Everybody Likes Sandwiches
(chilling these overnight greatly enhances the lemon flavor)

More knitting content soon, I promise, including a free pattern.

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