Thursday, July 17, 2008

back from wonderful Wisconsin...

and ready to head to beautiful Boulder tomorrow! We're going to a wedding in Denver, too. Anyone have suggestions for things to do? On the list already -- hiking at Indian Peaks and visiting the New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins.

I forgot my camera last weekend, which is too bad since there was an overabundance of photo ops. I learned how to shear a sheep the old-fashioned way, dyed a bunch of yarn, pet lots of animals, carded wool, and learned about spinning. The Circle M Farm is just marvelous (and very humane), and Kriss is a great teacher and hostess. The whole "driftless area" of Wisconsin is so beautiful.

The fruits of my labors:
left to right:
red cabbage, red cabbage and soda wash, turmeric, marigold flowers, and beet
I used rhubarb as a mordant for all but the first (which was allum).
Random Rant (for fellow PBS fans)

Remember the old Mystery theme from PBS?

Fabulous! All the Edward Gorey!

A while ago PBS changed it to this one:

OK, not quite as great, but whatever.

Now they've changed it yet again (to go with their new crappy Masterpiece re-do), and it's awful!!! Hardly any Gorey left whatsoever. Boo, PBS. I do not approve.

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