Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lumpy, bumpy, lumpadeedo

I've got a little puzzle for you...
Exhibit A
Inspired by (AKA shamelessly copying) Leah's beautiful Malabrigo wrap, I cast on for my very own Ostrich Plume wrap (pattern from Interweave's lace poncho, but most definitely not in poncho form).
Lumpy and bumpy, indeed! None of my previous lace projects have seemed so uneven. Can a serious blocking straighten it out? This pattern has one row of lace pattern followed by 3 rows of stockinette. I also may have cast on a bit too tightly. Opinions? Anyone knit with the Ostrich Plume pattern before?

Exhibit B
In a similar vein, check out this Breeze ankle sock.Looks OK so far, but...
the toe is one hot mess. Lumpy AND bumpy. What's wrong with my grafting? I had the same problem last time I knit a pair of Breeze socks.

Any input would be much appreciated.

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