Monday, April 21, 2008

Where do you go to, my lovely?*

Tonight Paul and I are going to the Park West for an evening with Colin Meloy. Though I've seen the Decemberists thrice in the past couple years, I've never seen him play solo. Should be a treat!
*Can you tell I've been listening to The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack a good deal as of late? Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie (Royal Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic are tied), but a great soundtrack. That Peter Starstedt song is just fabulous -- catchy, melodic, and darkly funny.

Speaking of quirky movies, I saw Smart People over the weekend -- OK but not fantastic. Thomas Hayden Church really stole the show (rather than Ellen Page, whom I had expected to do so). Everybody Loves Saturday Night's review captures the essence of the film. She makes an excellent point about its affinities with David Lodge novels (which are not exactly my cup of tea). A little deeper character development would have helped.

My knitting needles have been getting a workout lately. The Wabenschal is done (but needs blocking):
I'm working on a pair of Kanoko Pants (yes, more baby knits -- one of the delights of turning 30 is that many of my friends are having babies -- yet another Classics friend had a baby last week):
Also Dragonfly Sock #2:
And a baby project of my own design. It's blocking right now, but you can expect photos as well as a pattern later this week.

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