Friday, April 27, 2007

random Friday musings

Gratuitous Capricha cat photo in honor of Friday. Who could resist a sweet little face like that? She looks so earnest.

I'm halfway done seaming the Baby Yoda jacket. There are still many inches of i-cord left to knit, so an FO post will have to wait until the weekend.

Knitty surprises are up on the web! Nothing caught my eye, but it doesn't hurt to check it out.

The upcoming Sockapalooza 4 means that socks are on my mind right now. Here are a few sock patterns that look great, but that I haven't seen too many people knitting:
If you're still panting for more, Knitting Philistine posted oodles of fabulous sock patterns yesterday.

Paul and I made Bell Pepper Chicken with Feta Orzo from an old issue of Cooking Light last night. This is a tried-and-true favorite, with just a few improvements:

- cut down on the olive oil just a bit
- use red and yellow peppers rather than red and green (less bitter)
- add 1 extra clove garlic
- use high-quality sheep's milk feta (mmmm....)


miss ewe said...

Thanks for those sock links! I especially like the Rainy Day socks.

Mia said...

Thank you for the sock links. And the cute kitty photo. And thank you for the books!!!

sunneshine said...

Oh, you are making me hungary! Thanks for the links!!

Anonymous said...

Great sock links! I love Cooking Light magazine. That and Vegitarian Times are the only two cooking mags that I buy.

Micki said...

Great sock patterns! I've actually made Anastasia. It's easy without being mind-numbingly boring. The fact that the socks are mirror images helps keep up the interest too.

Chris said...

Oh, the Rainy Day socks are on my list! Thanks for the links - plenty there I hadn't seen.