Sunday, April 01, 2007

knitters treat exchange

I'm a bit hooked on swaps lately. I like getting to know new people and trying new crafting ideas. This is my last swap for a while, though, since I'm saving my pennies for a newer, less high-maintenance car. On a related note, I highly recommend never buying a 2001 Chevy Malibu.

Knitters Treat Exchange Questionnaire

1. What's your favourite type of yarn?
Merino wool, especially Malabrigo.

2. What's your least favourite type of yarn?
Anything that's too wildly textured, like Fun Fur or boucle

3. What's the first thing you do when you visit a new yarn shop?
Look at all the colors! I naturally gravitate toward blue.

4. What other crafts do you do / would like to do?
I cross-stitch and sew a bit. I'm slowly learning to crochet. I would like to learn needle felting, and I would like to improve at sewing and quilting.

5. What magazines do you currently subscribe to?
Interweave Knits, Martha Stewart Living, Cottage Living, Country Living, Midwest Living, Blueprint.

6. Put this type of magazine in order of preference:
Knitting / Crochet / Other Craft / Food / Home / Fashion / Celebrity Gossip / Garden

Knitting / Other Craft / Home / Food / Fashion / Celebrity Gossip / Garden

7. What items do you like to knit / crochet?
Socks, hats, scarves, baby sweaters and blankets.

8. Are you allergic to anything?
The usual hay fever suspects, smoke, dogs, cats (but I have two cats nonetheless). I'm allergic to Bath and Body Works' Flowering Herbs products.

9. What do you like to* smell of?
(*This is not a typo. The question is: What do you like to smell of)
Something natural -- citrus, almond, milk, lavender/vanilla combinations.

10. What's your favourite way to relax?
A cup of tea + a good novel or some knitting = perfect relaxation

11. You're stood in front of a Victorian style sweetshop, an Italian cafe, an old fashioned bakery and a dainty tea room. Where do you go first?
The tea room, for sure.

12. What do you come out with?
A cup of fruity black or green tea.

13. Where do you go next?
The old fashioned bakery, where hopefully I will find an apple fritter or a scone or an almond-filled croissant.

14. Any other words of wisdom for your pal?
I love trying new things and getting mail. Blue is my absolute favorite color, but I also like lavender, plum, sage green, cherry red, dark chocolate brown, and neutrals. I'm not a fan of orange, yellow, olive green, or bright pinks.


Mia said...

Nice to see you in this swap too. And somehow I don't see you getting rid of the kitties.

And as to vehicles, I can say that my 91 Chevy S-10 has held up. It just needs a paint job but otherwise the only thing it costs me is an oil change every 3 months and minor repairs. The last repair was $80 and that included the oil change. (Tun signals were out and needed to be rewired so the price was dirt cheap since everything was original.)

Sharon said...

Think about a Subaru. I've had one for a year now - I named her Eleanor, as in Roosevelt, because she's not much to look at but she can rise to any occasion.

Leah said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

So sorry about your car issues. I had a honda civic that I loved, loved, loved til it was creamed in an accident (while parked mind you I was no where near it).

Now I have a volvo v-40 which is the BEST! I wish the gas mileage was as good as the civic but alas, not much is! My husband has a volvo 240 that he loves as well.

I hope you can save those pennies quickly & get a great car!!