Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas terror

This little guy gives me the creeps. Those eerie little eyes! The too-high, uneven eyebrows!

Paul's parents gave each son an ornament every year. Many of them are very cute, especially the ones from when Paul was very little. But some of them...

This elf/gnome creature is the most terrifying by far.* As Paul grew older, his mother selected ornaments that reflected his interests and hobbies: two different versions of Santa playing tennis, a saxophone decorated with holly, a glass beer mug covered with glitter, a blown glass Green Bay Packer... WOW! We could have quite the tree if I were willing to put up all of those babies.

* I think it reminds me of a very creepy tidbit involving an elf figurine sitting in the woods and singing on an episode of Siffl and Ollie.


Karin said...

I don't remember that Sifl & Ollie! I loved that show.

I pride your husband on having a level of appreciation for beer that warrants an annual ornament!

I dunno, the santa playing tennis ornament sounds pretty excellent!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Someone else who knows about Sifl & Ollie! Wow!

And I must admit that ornament is quite scary. If I looked at it too long, I think I might get nightmares! :-D My husband has some creepy ornaments of his own that have passed along for our tree.

Have a great weekend!