Thursday, June 15, 2017

powder blue

Life has been chaotic lately. We just bought a cozy 1922 Craftsman bungalow and we have been busy fixing it up a bit before moving in at the end of this month. I'm knitting a powder blue sweater vest for B in size 2T -- how did the time pass so quickly? She's getting so tall and learning new words every minute. 

Those pink roses may not look like much to a seasoned gardener, but they're a real triumph given the state of the garden at our rental home when we moved in a year and a half ago. Nothing feels as good as giving things new life.  
I found this sweet vintage dollhouse at a rummage sale and am looking forward to fixing it up for the kiddos. Also, where can I order a lifesize chalet like this? So charming!
 Kayaking at sunset on the Detroit River near Belle Isle state park.

My constant companions, looking like bookends.


gm said...

I knit a "Wee Owligan" for my little guy in powder blue-- Quince Chickadee in Glacier. I was clearly going to run out of Glacier yarn, so I trimmed it in Chickadee in Twig, a combo I never would have thought of but that was surprisingly lovely. Looking forward to seeing how your powder blue little person sweater turns out.

Fiona said...

Your bungalow sounds interesting, no wonder you have been so busy. I hope the move goes well and you can find some time to enjoy the summer.

karen said...

congratulations on a new home! that is busy work, and tiring work. Love the little knit in the powder blue. So pretty!! have fun moving in, I hope you'll show photos too.

Sharon said...

Whoa, that's a big step. Happy new home!!

barefootrooster said...

Eeeek! I cannot wait to see pictures of the new house -- and maybe I'll get to see it in person? I'm going to be in Chicago for about a month Jan-Feb 2018 and would love love love to see you. It's been far too long, and even though I did pick up the knitting again this week (a simple pinwheel for a friend's baby), I haven't found the time to blog -- but also can't quite bring myself to shutter the thing... I'm so happy to see all is well!