Wednesday, January 04, 2017

new year knits

 joining this week's yarn along

reading: Kazuo Ishiguro's The Buried Giant
knitting: Strokkur, by Ysolda Teague

I'm still sorting out colors for the yoke of my Icelandic pullover. I paid a long visit to a lovely yarn store in Royal Oak, Ewe-nique Knits (oh, knitters and their puns!), and vacillated over a beautiful array of yarns. I came home with two shades of Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, then promptly set them aside as I rummaged through my yarn bins.

Bridget, looking sprightly and saucy in her Morpheus sweater.

 The holidays flew by in a blur. We did a Midwest road trip yet again, and as good as it was to see family and friends, I long for the year when we spend Christmas at home. Erik's gnome stocking is hanging on the mantel, but Bridget's stocking is still on the needles.


steph said...

that sheepy stocking is sooo cute!!!

Christine N said...

Beautiful knits! Your daughter looks great in that sweater, it's a good color on her.

Eileen said...

Traveling in the Holidays is always exciting yet I get wanting to be home too. Takes the chaos down a notch or ten for me. Love your knits, Bridget{favorite name of mine} looks great in her sweater...beautiful little girl. Love the stocking and hat as well. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Karen Sue said...

Just love the sheep! Gotta figure out a time to meet that knitting challenge...maybe after I try a cable.

Caffeine Girl said...

You have Colectivo in Michigan? It's based in Milwaukee and only came to Madison a few years ago. I love the atmosphere but hate the coffee. I only get tea there.
Bridget is so adorable!
You can have X-mas at home when you want. We always traveled, too, and in retrospect, I regret it. You get to have your own traditions, etc.