Wednesday, March 09, 2016

knitty kitty

handknit kitty

 actual kitty

Embroidering the handknit kitty's face went surprisingly well. Now to tackle the wee sheep! And perhaps knit two more in time for Easter? I was hoping to make Alicia's sweet lovey lamb and honey bunny for Easter baskets, but my crochet skills aren't proving up to the task (joining and turning rounds with a seam, oy vey... I usually crochet blankets).

Joining Ginny & co. for this week's Yarn Along  -- I'm still reading The New Moon with the Old and How Toddlers Thrive.

P.S. Free kitty and sheep patterns here.


Kylie M-W said...

What cute little knits - I have bookmarked the pattern for future reference. And your orange kitty is absolutely beautiful! I've always wanted an orange cat... maybe someday!

Donna said...

Love the kitties - both the knitted kind and the actual one.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am in love with the ceramic sheep on your shelf!
I've always wanted an orange cat, too!

Becki said...

Your knitted kitty is adorable, though I had to study the picture to find it tucked in there. I really like those ceramic sheep on the shelf, too. I actually really love that whole picture. It may seem silly that just a shelf would be so welcoming, but I feel like I was invited into your home. :^)

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Such a sweet picture of your ceramic sheep and also the one of the real kitty. Your cat has the same coloring as mine! Thank you for the link to the free kitty and lamb patterns--I have 3 sweet Grand girls that I think I might knit these up for! They would be perfect to send in the Easter package I will be sending them! I have enjoyed looking around your blog today--it is my first time visiting you, via Yarn Along.