Wednesday, February 17, 2016

bon bon toque + one plus one

Joining Ginny & friends for this week's Yarn Along:

a Bon Bon Toque for Erik, using leftover eggplant-colored yarn from his Flax pullover (both terrific patterns from Tin Can Knits).

Just finished One Plus One by Jojo Moyes on my Kindle -- a single mum who's down on her luck and her two eccentric kiddos end up on a roadtrip with one of her housecleaning clients. Charming fluff, not as moving as Me Before You (which is being made into a movie!). Having some light reading on my Kindle is perfect for those wonderful times when Bridget falls asleep on my lap or those less wonderful times when the queue at the post office is unbearably long.


Donna said...

I started Me Before You yesterday after I saw it was coming out on the big screen this summer. It's real good so far!

Caffeine Girl said...

How fun to knit for your own little ones. I miss those days when they'd fall asleep on my lap!

Carrie said...

did you know After You is out now, I just got it for a present and cant wait to start it.