Monday, May 11, 2015

five hours?!?

Those "five hour" baby sweater patterns are really something -- five hours for Elizabeth Zimmermann maybe, but not for me. Knitting the sweater took less than a week, but getting up the gumption to do the finishing work took a couple of months! This cardigan is destined for Paul's cousin's sweet new baby boy.

pattern: baby boy 5 hour sweater, by gail bable
yarn: rowan ryc cashsoft aran, ~ 2 balls
needles: us 9 (5.0) mm

The pattern doesn’t include buttonholes in the instructions! I added a buttonhole at the beginning of row 4 (K2, YO, k2tog, then follow pattern as written), and repeated every 10 rows.

RYC Cashsoft just doesn’t do it for me. It’s similar to Cashmerino, but not nearly as nice. It has kind of a mushy feel or something? Oh well, the new mom's not a knitter, so I wanted something machine washable.

The precious embroidered, cloth-covered sheep buttons had been hoarded in my stash for years -- I'm happy to use them at last. I'm trying to get over the idea of saving the "good" things for later.


Anonymous said...

I love the sweater, but the buttons are the sweetest things I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Those sweaters are never five-hour ones for me either. And now my kids and their cousins are all getting bigger and want Harry Potter Weasley sweaters, which are basically a simple pullover but with their initials embroidered on the front. So when my in-laws' kind friend randomly offered me a knitting machine that she wasn't using, I jumped at it. Now I just need to learn how to whip up the sweater parts on the knitting machine. :)

Caffeine Girl said...

It's very cute, five hours or not.
For a knitter, you have to go with machine-washable!

Paula said...

I love the 5 hr sweater...funny story...made one for my newborn nephew & when he got it (as a newborn) it was too small! We have big babies in my family! (9+ #)...I'm sure the neice regifted it.