Monday, September 30, 2013

the mad hatter strikes again

I asked my mother to help me select a design for birth announcements, and she studiously pored over dozens of layouts. When I asked her which were her favorites, she said, "The ones where the babies were wearing hats. Have you knit some cute hats for the baby yet?"

* cue cricket noises *

Hmmm. I hadn't, so set out to rectify the situation right away.

pattern: Solid Shells Earflap Hat, by Posh Patterns
yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Bobby Blue and Indigo
hook: size H Clover Soft Touch (Bobby Blue)
size I Clover Soft Touch (Indigo)
size: newborn (Bobby Blue)
3-6 months (Indigo)

My first time crocheting something that actually has to fit! Usually I crochet afghans and the like. These were pretty fun to make -- very quick, and I enjoyed not having to switch to DPNs and fiddle around. They are worked top-down. Initially I made the little one in Bobby Blue, then began to fret because it looked so tiny! So I made another in a larger size with a larger hook. After blocking, the tiny one looks just right. Not a bad thing for "Ragnar" to have a larger hat for the winter, too, though.


Also, a wee owlie hat for our little one! Love the owl cables and the yarn.
pattern: owl cable hat, by Teresa Cole
yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Natural
needles: Clover US 7 bamboo 16" circs + DPNs
size: newborn

I seem to recall that there may have been some minor typos or errata in the pattern, but it was such an easy little knit that I just improvised. Should have taken better notes!


Stephanie said...

He'll need a hat all winter long, so yay for planning ahead! Hopefully he won't mind wearing one. At least he won't have the dexterity to pull it off for a few months. ;-) (sjn821)

Hilary said...

Baby hats are the best!! So fast, and they look so cute on. If you're looking to make any more, I HIGHLY recommend Woolly Wormhead's "Wee Woolly Toppers". I've made, like, 3/4 of them. Oh, and if *your* Scandinavian baby is anything like *my* Scandinavian baby? Size up. :) (In my family, it's called the "Carlson head", and we ALL have it.)

Tracy Altieri said...

Wonderful! All set for those "Chicago" winters!

Anonymous said...

I made an owlie hat for a baby, and he looked absolutely precious in it!

Ann said...

The hats are adorable! I know you probably DON'T want any more knitting suggestions but I do love a fall baby in a pumpkin hat!!!