Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fo: summer flies

Mid-August already?!? Summer truly is flying by.

pattern: Summer Flies, by Donna Griffin
yarn: Orange Flower 50/50 merino/silk fingering weight, .7 skeins
needles: US 6 Clover bamboo circs


I love this pattern! It knits up quickly, and you don’t get bored, since you switch stitch patterns fairly often. I especially enjoyed the knotted openwork near the end.

This looked tiny when I finished knitting it, but blocking really opened it up. It’s a useful scarf size. You could definitely add some rows of knotted openwork if you wanted to use up more yarn.

This yarn was originally used for a Gaenor shawlette, which I loved, but I didn’t pay close enough attention and ran out of yarn. : ( For a blend of merino and silk it help up to frogging and reknitting quite well. Orange Flower yarns are always gorgeous, and this is no exception.
I knit this as a thank-you gift for my Aunt Patrice who hosted just the loveliest baby shower for us last weekend.
No, we're not really naming our little guy Ragnar -- it's a family joke (though it does have a nice Nordic ring, doesn't it?).


Hilary said...

Yes it HAS flown by! Ack! What a pretty shawlette...the color is perfect! And what a gorgeous baby shower. I love those cookies! Ragnar...awesome. :) (I actually think it's a great name!) Another friend of mine of Scandinavian descent (lots of Swedes here in Turlock) had a son recently and named him Magnus. Those Nordic names just sound so masculine. :) Anyway, hope you're feeling well...you look fantastic!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Beautiful shawl! I really need to knit one--every one I see is gorgeous.

Chris said...

Beautiful shawl! And wow, what a gorgeous setup for the shower. :)

The MN State Fair starts tomorrow. Ack.

Tracy Altieri said...

A lovely shawl, and the baby shower looks wonderful! I have a distant cousin in Norway named Ragnar, but I don't think that I would choose it for a name today either.

Rue said...

Where did this month go? Beautiful shawl and beautiful shower! I'm glad to hear both were a blast.

Mia said...

I love that shawl. I did it in handspun before. And where has summer gone?

Stephanie said...

Wow, looks like a lovely shower! And so nice of you to knit your aunt a beautiful thank you gift. (sjn821)

Caroline said...

What a beautiful baby shower pic, and what a nice thank your gift the shawl is. I would have thought that I should knit something if I had had someone do something so nice for me.....and then I never would have gotten around to it.