Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bigger on the inside

I *finally* picked up 311 stitches for the TARDIS section of Bigger on the Inside. Definitely not my favorite task, but now that I'm knitting the charted pattern I'm happy as a clam. Despite fingering weight yarn and size 3 needles, it seems like it's going to be big! Also, here's my new-to-me antique chair. Still deciding where to put it!
Wow, is it different having young, spry kitties again! When you walk into the kitchen, you see things like this:
 Which means that someone most definitely jumped on my counters to get up there. Naughty kitty!
Even with the frisky young ones, there's still plenty of naptime. Everyone is settling in quite nicely, although Moxie (the marmalade tabby) hasn't really warmed to Paul yet.


Anonymous said...

love the chair and these sweet kitty pictures! happy tuesday.

Grace said...

That is the coolest wrap I have ever seen!! I may have to make this and wear it every Saturday this season! :) Yeah, our cats like to jump on the counters so they can lay on the cabinet tops too... they aren't supposed to, but who can stop them?

Tracy Altieri said...

As soon as I saw the Tardis pattern awhile back - I knew that I would have to make - someday! Your kitties seem right at home!

Katie M. said...

I say hooray! for all of this! Well, except maybe the part about mountaineering kitties on the countertops.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I'm a rug hooker, but never learned to crochet and did a little knitting when a neighbor taught me as a child. That's my goal this year --to learn to knit and crochet!
Love the kitty on top of your cupboards--we had a Siamese who lived on top of ours!

Nutmeg said...

I love the antique chair! Where did you find it?