Sunday, July 15, 2012


Thanks to Rue, I had just enough yarn to finish the bind-off on my live oak shawlette! This was a lovely pattern to knit, and the Tosh Merino Light yarn is a dream. Very soft, single ply, with so many wonderful gradations in color.
pattern: Live Oak Shawlette, by Rosemary (Romi) Hill
yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, ginger, 1.2 skeins
needles: US 5 Harmony circs

While I loved the feel of the project while I was knitting it, post-blocking it seemed a little too drapey. Next time I'd use a smaller needle with this yarn, just to give it a touch more body. Pinning out each little leafy bit is a bit of a pain, but the fluttery effect on the edge is an elegant touch. Wonderful yarn, very clear pattern.
in the kitchen

~ This bacon-and-tomato guacamole is amazing. No surprise, since Rick Bayless is pretty much a culinary genius.

~ Avocado basil pasta was a huge hit last night. Yum! Wonderful way to use the bounty of basil from my garden.

~ What's better than a piña colada popsicle on a hot summer's day? These aren't too sweet, and they're jam-packed with fruit.
around town

~ listening to Andrew Bird and Wilco at Elfstrom Stadium in Geneva, Illinois (what a terrific show and a great way to spend a summer afternoon!)

~ visiting a new-to-me yarn shop in St. Charles -- Wool and Company (they had some great yarns that I haven't seen in the city)


Anonymous said...

gorgeous shawl, gorgeous color. and oh, andrew bird. sound fabulous.

peaknits said...

What a fabulous shawl! And piña colada popsicle, that sounds awesome...right now:) and I love wool and co. Too...I have been to their Geneva location, that is a delightful little town.

Alisa Kim said...

this sounds so wonderful! i'm definitely jealous of the andrew bird and wilco, and the shawl is all sorts of lovely!

Katie M. said...

Beautiful! I love the color ... and am very excited about that guacamole. Yum!

Chris said...

Lovely shawl! :)

And very cool about the Andrew Bird show.

Tracy Altieri said...

Just lovely!

Eileen said...

love reading your blog.....i miss home { chicago }, but i hear from family it is horribly hot this summer.
your knits are wonderful !