Thursday, April 12, 2012

fraternal twins

The 9" circular needles are just the ticket for speeding up my sock knitting!
One sock is off the needles and the second is well on its way. That said, I haven't embarked upon the afterthought heel yet, which may be my undoing. The yarn is Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball in color #2092 (I think, but the ballband is MIA). I fell in love with the colorway because of Melissa's September Circle pattern in this post. The yarn is a little wild for socks, as the stripes are broad and, more importantly, the colors don't repeat!  So my socks are fraternal twins, which I'm choosing to describe as "fun" rather than "eccentric."

I'm on a reading kick again!  Just started The Distant Hours (not far along enough to have an opinion), and recently finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake for my book club. This was an interesting premise with beautiful writing at the beginning, but it didn't really deliver as the book went on. The main character, Rose, discovers on her ninth birthday that she can taste emotions in all the foods she eats -- her mother's cake tastes like depression, packaged foods taste like a factory, etc. In the vein of Like Water for Chocolate, but with the dark side of magical realism. The book explores this "talent," as well as the odd dynamics of her family, their secrets, and their other talents. There's an NPR review here.

Still in a cross-stitch frenzy, too. I'm now working on Alicia's Winterwoods sampler, and it's a lot of fun. I invested in the needles and hoop she recommends, and they really are a step up!  The heavier needle seems to help keep the floss from getting as twisted.
A few pictures from my bithday weekend:

 Chagall's America Windows back on display at the Art Institute

the Art Institute's new Modern Wing

afternoon tea at the Peninsula

All in all, a terrific time filled with my favorite things. We came home from tea and started painting my study!  A big reveal is in the works.


barefootrooster said...

those socks are lovely. once you get the hang of the 9 inch needles (took me awhile!) stockinette just flies!

hooray for what looks like a fabulous birthday weekend.

Leslie Basil Payne said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love reading your blog, it inspires my creativity. Socks are such fun to knit. Even if they aren't perfect I find satisfaction in wearing them. Enjoy!

Victoria said...

Have been enjoying your blog! Stay with the Distant is an amazing book - read the Forgotten Garden by the same author too! Happy Belated Birthday!

Chris said...

Belated happy birthday! The Chagall windows are amazing. And I'm ok with fraternal socks for colorways like that and the Trekking, for example. :)

Diane said...

I have been using small circs to knit my socks for many years...I actually have a pair of 8" one's that clover used to sell...they are plastic and from Japan and I love them......

knitseashore said...

Knitting and reading: happy sigh.

Thank you for posting the photos of the Art Institute. The Chagall windows look amazing! I will have to read & learn more about them.

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!

Tracy Altieri said...

I have been to the Art Institute exactly once (same as my number of times to Chicago) for a wedding reception - which was held exactly where your shot is. It was a wonderful location for such and event.

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Katie M. said...

I love those socks -- definitely fun. And it sounds like a fantastic birthday weekend: happy birthday!!

ElisabethB said...

Jodi, I discovered your blog by random. It's a good surprise to see your picture about Chagall's window at the Art Institute : my younger daugter working on 5 files for her art history exam (Brevet in France and i don't know if you have the same in USA ). One of the files is about his ceiling paint in Opéra Garnier in Paris. So, it's interessant for her to see you picture ;-) !!
I stitched too the Blackbird Design 's Loose Feather. A very , very nice pattern !
I will put your blog in my list blogs !
Have a nice day and with many late... "Happy Birthday"

nicole said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely one!

Stephanie said...

I used that same yarn to knit Pogona (, although I didn't realize it had so much black in it from how the ball presented itself.

Happy belated birthday!

Seamster 411 said...

Happy belated Birthday and love the socks. Haven't tried a pair yet but it is on my knitting to-do list.

As to your reading, if you enjoy Kate Morton (and i highly recommend all her books) you might want to read Sarah Addison Allen...not to heavy but quirky magical books, not unlike your reading club one but positive and all great reads.

rachelb said...

happy belated birthday! I love knitting socks on the 9" circs - it has actually made me want to knit socks. I struggled mightily w/ ladders on DPNs and didn't enjoy 2 circs or magic loop, then I saw the 9" - I only wish there were more patterns written specifically for them b/c sometimes I have trouble translating for the heel - perhaps I should try the after-thought!