Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday fluff -- no knitting involved

Enjoy anthropologie's boho style but scoff at the "made in china" labels and the ridiculous price tags?  Me too. Anthroparodie may be right up your alley, as well (tip o' the hat to better living through literature).
I'm 100% not a member of the hair-and-nails set (nor do I "read" People or Us Weekly, ugh), but I've recently discovered a few things that drastically improve my everyday life. After the rough past month, I'm happy to take delight in whatever I can.
The Wet Brush is revolutionizing my morning routine. I have long, straight, tangle-prone hair -- it used to take me AGES to detangle in the morning. This brush is awesome -- it plows right through all the tangles in record time, leaving my hair shiny and bouncy. I suspect that the Wet Brush is the same as the Regency Magic Brush that Mindy Kaling blogged about recently -- just branded differently and priced more reasonably.
Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener is amazing. I'm pretty low-maintenance, but I do usually wear some make-up, with the goal of looking like I'm not wearing make-up, but looking better than I would if I really didn't wear make-up. Most under-eye concealers have a yucky texture, irritate my sensitive skin, or look funny. Photo Op actually makes it looks as if I got a full night's sleep and am ready to take on the world!  Smashbox's Photo Finish makeup primer is terrific, too -- it leaves your skin velvety and prevents make-up from caking or collecting in your laugh lines or eye crinkles.
Whole Foods Pomegranate Orange lip balm moisturizes, smells great, and is incredibly affordable (under $2, I think). You know how some lip balms seem refreshing at first, but then dry out and leave your lips feeling even worse?  This doesn't do that. It actually works!


Katie M. said...

I love a little fluff! I'm always interested to find out (read: nosy about) what kind of fluffy stuff other people (women) are into. This under-eye stuff sounds amazing ...

Sharon said...

Thanks for the report on the brush, oddly timely. When I cut my waist length hair, I assumed it was short for good and dumped my Clinique brush. Now it's grown to the stage of tangling, in spite of Paul Mitchell's Condition. I've been thinking that I need to once again get a brush so will be looking for one of those. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of Anthroparodie. You made my day and made me laugh out loud!

Hilary said...

I am in desperate need of that under eye stuff...thank you for the recommendation! And Anthroparodie - HAHA!

Rue said...

That under eye concealer looks great. Right now I just hope the thick rims on my glasses hide any dark circles. But the way this week is going, I might need something stronger!