Saturday, July 09, 2011

bears, yarn, and cats, oh my!

Phew, I finally feel back to my usual self. Why do these short weeks sometimes seem like the longest? We headed to Minneapolis for the holiday weekend. Visiting family and friends was delightful, but the drive was, well, harrowing. A semi nearly ran us off the road on the way there, and on the return voyage, a car just a few ahead of us hit a bear.
 Yes, a bear. In southern Wisconsin, crossing I-94, in broad daylight. Yikes! The people seemed fine, though their Subaru was quite a bit worse for the wear, and the bear looked decidedly no longer animate. I know that climate change has been affecting wildlife patterns in the Upper Midwest, and that wild animals are becoming increasingly comfortable in populated areas (e.g., coyotes now roam the city of Chicago), but this was quite the startling example.
For car knitting, I tinkered around with a hybrid of Springtime Bandit, with a stockinette body à la brokeknits' gorgeous version.

I'm running out of yarn (as per usual), and need to either rip back or find a coordinating yarn to finish the bind-off. Then it can enter the basket of shawlettes in need of blocking!

Kylie Cat made herself the cutest little nest out of clean laundry last night:

 What a sweet pea.

a few chuckles:

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Samantha said...

A bear on the I-94?? You can't plan for that. Those two links you shared (Dwell photos and catalog lives) are too funny! I used to subscribe to Dwell (with frequent flier miles that were expiring) and the staged lives were quite humorous.

Rue said...

Your Springtime Bandit looks great! I may have to try something like that with my giant skein of BFL/silk handspun.

I think Kylie and Nayyir had the same laundry idea this week. He kept sitting on my piles of clean, folded clothes.

Chris said...

A bear wandering across I-94 in the middle of the day?! Ack! O.O

Caffeine Girl said...
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Caffeine Girl said...

I had no idea that we have bears wandering around southern Wisconsin! And I'm already worried about hitting a deer!

You can tell that you are a pro at shawls when you don't rush to block one as soon as you bind off. I still run to block!

marycatharine said...

Wow, your bear encounter sounds crazy. I mean they wander around here all the time but I live in the middle of no where, crossing a highway is nuts.

Your Springtime Bandit is lovely, hopefully you don't have to rip it back.

peaknits said...

A bear - wow - southern WI? I live in southern WI - now, that is scary! Your springtime bandit is lovely!! And your cat, well, always a doll.

Mia said...

A lot of it is that we are encroaching on wild habitat and not giving them room to roam. And humans move into areas that were forested and provide easy food to animals. And many people underestimate the intelligence of animals like coyotes.

I was out in a pick your own place Saturday morning and there was a couple complaining about the bugs and the noise of the birds. Um. I didn't find the bugs bad. And the birds weren't that bad. And this place is out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farm fields.

I think I can add to your shawl yarn. How do you feel about a pink? Well if it called Hibiscus.