Sunday, January 03, 2010

bobbling along

Phew, this is the most labor-intensive accessory I've ever knit. So many cables, so many bobbles...
The finished product is cute and kitschy. I had intended to give it to a friend as a belated holiday gift, but I think it's the sort of thing only a knitter would love. So I'm keeping it for myself, and I will get joy out of it despite (because of?) its 1970s bobble-y aesthetic. Plus it coordinates rather nicely with my Manos Mini Shawl (which I tend to wear as a scarf) .
Pattern: orchids & fairy lights, by tinyowlknits
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Bobby Blue, .75 skein
Needles: US 6 - 16" circ for ribbing
US 7 - 16" circ and DPNs for the rest

I went down one needle size for the ribbing, which was a good idea.This is a labor of love -- it took about twice as long as a regular aran-weight hat due to all the darn cables and bobbles. This isn't very slouchy on me, but I love it nonetheless! Next time I would cable without a cable needle to speed it up a bit.

The stitch pattern guide has some bizarre errors. C2B, C2F, etc. should indicate holding 1 stitch on the cable needle, not 2 (and likewise knitting/purling 1 stitch, not 2). Otherwise a great pattern, though.

The beautiful yarn came from one of my favorite knitters/bloggers, Heather over at The ADD Knitter. Thanks, Heather! What a cheerful shade of blue. Starting off the new year with Malabrigo is exactly the right way to go.
10 shawls in 2010, here I come...


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stephanie dosen said...

yay! i love the orchids & fairy lights hat! turned out
great :) i wear mine all the time too hehehe

about the errors..
i just wanted to double check...
did you think it would be better written c1b?
i want to make sure the pattern is easy
to understand for everyone! :)
any help or input is greatly appreciated! ♥

(((in my experience most patterns
write out, c2b (indicating the number of
stitches involved in the cable in the directions)
c6f, is worked over 6 stitches, etc...
has that not been your experience?))))

let me know what you think.
id like to fix any mistakes the pattern may have!

xoxo hearts and happy knitting!
~tiny owl knits ♥