Monday, December 28, 2009

(there and back again) again

Look who packed her bag for a Christmas trip to Milwaukee
My, what a large suitcase for such a small creature!

Paul had the perfect opportunity to model some handknits:
Yep, we trekked up to Green Bay for the Packers/Seahawks game yesterday. There's nothing like outdoor football on an 18-degree day!
Cheeseheads right in front of us, of course.

Alas, I ran out of green yarn for a hat for me, so I stuck with my trusty Unoriginal Hat and Just Enough Ruffles scarf combo. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia is some warm stuff. I may have made my hat a wee bit too snug, though, as it tends to migrate northwards and give me a gnome-like appearance.

Wishing you peace, joy, love, and adventure in 2010!
~ Jodi

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