Monday, October 19, 2009

red or dead

striped baby hat
size: 6 months

yarn: Mission Falls 1824 cotton ~ 4 partial skeins
needles: US 7 16" circs and DPNs
(I actually used US 6, but I'm a loose knitter)
gauge: 4 sts/inch


Cast on 66 sts with color A. Do 5 rounds of K1P1 ribbing, then knit 5 rounds.

Join color B and do 1 purl round, then 10 knit rounds. Same deal with color C.

After I did 1 P round with color D, the hat measured about 5 inches. I started decreasing every round, and topped it off with a little 4-stitch i-cord (worked for about 5 rows).

Next time I’d do 8 rounds of each color, and I’d decrease every other row at the top.


goody two, goody two

goody, goody two shoes

you don't drink, don't smoke,

what do you do

Hooray for new shoes! I copied Kate at Needled and ordered these Red or Dead "Rolos" from Schuh. They appear to be out of the red, so I went with this playful purple/burgundy shade. The brown ones are super cute, too.

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