Wednesday, July 25, 2007

caloo, callay, there's joy in Wrigleyville today

I have been absolutely swamped with work lately, hence the lack of knitting and blogging. Things are about to change, though -- just two more days of teaching summer school!

What's making me happy these days?

- I decided not to clean the bathroom, vacuum my apt (despite the terrifying cat hair tumbleweeds dancing nimbly across my hardwood floors), or go grocery shopping last weekend in order to finish the new Harry Potter! No spoilers here. I enjoyed the book, although I thought the pacing/timing was a bit off. One of my favorite parts -- there were even more spells in Latin than usual.

(photo credit: Julie Joliat, South Street Designs)

- The gorgeous owl necklace that I ordered from Julie's Etsy shop, South Street Designs, arrived today, and I LURVE it. The faux coin reminds me of Athenian drachmas, which were often referred to as owls. The owl is the goddess Athena's animal, you see, and thus an emblem for the city-state, too. Yes, I'm a big nerd.
- A new Whole Foods opened up just 4 blocks from my apt. today! Fresh veggies, fancy cheese, meats that actually look appealing. When I lived in Madison, WI, I was very spoiled by living a very short (and picturesque) walk from Whole Foods, so having to actually drive to the one here in Lakeview and navigate the awful and dangerous parking lot was quite the disappointment. I've already paid a visit, and I am quite pleased.

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