Wednesday, November 01, 2006

(im)patiently awaiting my WEBS shipment

I ordered Malabrigo to knit the Hourglass Sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. After much indecision, I went with Cuarzo, a lovely blend of lavenders and purples. I had a hard time finding stores that had enough yarn in stock in my first few choices (violetas, jewel blue, indigo), and perhaps I already have plenty of blue yarn and blue sweaters already. Hopefully my order arrives quickly!

Has anyone out there used O-Wool (by the Vermont Organic Fiber Company)? How scratchy is it? The colors are beautiful and I love that it's organic, but I couldn't find many reviews or opinions of it. Likewise, how about Nature's Palette worsted weight wool? I know it bleeds b/c it's plant-dyed, but that's about it.

My tea swap pal sent me some gorgeous Dancing Leaf Farm Rhumba Organic Wool last month, and it's plenty soft, so I have high hopes for other organic wools as well. The Rhumba is variegated and a little too pricey for a whole sweater, but it will make some fabulous winter accessories.

BTW, check out the mitred Silk Garden mittens at Zimmermania. To die for, and they would look great with a Silk Garden MD scarf!


Jana said...

I subscribed to Zimmermania a few weeks ago but haven't joined. I love just about everything I see on there and those mittens are just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the mitten pic! Every time I see those, I swear to myself that I will make a pair ASAP. I always forget! I am going right this very moment to pull that book off the shelf and will proceed to carry it around the house with me until I have made a pair.

Mia said...

How lucky you were to receive the yarn from Dancing Leaf. The farm is only about 20 miles from me and I haven't made it there yet.

Calling on Kahlo said...

You will love Malabrigo, it is my favorite yarn. In case you hadn't heard Malabrigo is butter. I love the color as well!