Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attack of the Wrist-Killing Dishcloths

Call it the Mason-Dixon influence -- I knit up a couple of dishcloths. They seem very functional, I love the blue/yellow/white combo, the patterns were easy, but I hated knitting these. The Lily Sugar & Cream yarn is awful on the wrists! I feel like a prime candidate for carpal tunnel syndrome. Not all cotton yarns bother me. I love knitting with Bernat Cottontots. Maybe it's time to try Peaches & Creme!

Here's Kylie cat, sitting in the window and enjoying the beautiful, cool, sunny day. You can tell that fall's in the air and that September's right around the corner. And the cats' annual visit to the vet!

I'm listening to:
Van Morrison, Moondance

I'm watching:
Charmed, Season 2 (guilty pleasure, very silly)

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