Friday, August 18, 2006

WIP Friday

This is how I often start my day. It's rather gloomy and grey here in Chicago this morning. Usually my little dining room is filled with sunshine. This lures in the cats, of course.

I dug this kit out of my cross stitch stash. So far I'm not loving it, but Wyndham Needleworks is taking their sweet time sending me some linen, overdyed floss, and Litle House Needleworks charts. The fabric and floss are for Imagine, by Samsarah:

I'm doing the cross-stitch version, of course. I'll frame it, not use it for a tote bag. I don't think I could bear to see the fruits of my labor get covered with city grime!

I'm planning to use this bright and lively fabric for a couple Log Cabin pillows. Now I need to find some more fabrics that will work well with them.

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