Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby sweater in the works

Baby Sweater #1

This was my first non-blanket/non-scarf kniting project, and it is turning out pretty darn well. I finished knitting it months ago, but I need to wash it, block it, and seam it up before sending it off to a very darling little baby girl. I have been putting off the finishing process because it is so darn HOT, and I know it won't get any wear until later in the year.

Pattern: "Master of her own domain" from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits
Yarn: Schaefer Yarns, Elaine, 99% wool, 1% nylon, 1 ball
Size: 1 year
Needle Size: 11

This yarn is great but expensive. It is easy to knit even though it is a thick and thin yarn, and the colorway is gorgeous. The combination of the yarn and the easy garter-stitch pattern made for a very forgiving project.

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