Thursday, August 24, 2006


No, the kitty is not Mitten -- she's Kylie. She absolutely loves laundry baskets, especially when they're filled with warm, clean towels. This makes for some delightful cat hair surprises for the humans as they emerge from the shower and take what they think are clean towels. Usually I'm smart enough not to leave such tempting baskets out for very long, but not this time. :-)

Here's the mitten, plus Kylie's nose as she comes over to investigate. I love Malabrigo yarn, but it does have a very strong vinegar smell. I'm making these little mittens to coordinate with the green shawl collar cardigan. The pattern is from Melanie Falick and Kristin Thomas's Knitting for Baby. The pattern's a little a bit fiddly. In fact, the thumb on this mitten looks gargantuan. Perhaps blocking will help? We'll see how the next one goes. If it looks substantially different, I'll make a third mitten.


Karin said...

What cute cat pics! I too can never get shots of yarn or FOs without one of the cats creeping their way in to investigate. I love the yarn. I haven't worked with Malabrigo, and didn't know about the smell. Too bad as the colors are always gorgeous.

Jodi said...

The vinegar aroma goes away with a good washing. I've been using the Pennyroyal wool wash from Arcadia Knitting. Malabrigo is definitely worth a try!