Monday, August 28, 2006

Blue Monday

It's actually a grey and rainy Monday, but I couldn't resist a New Order reference. The Debbie Bliss shawl-collar cardigan is blocked and seamed.

I need to decide on a fastener for it, then I can send it off to Colorado at long last. The sleeves seem awfully long and skinny, but I don't have a good point of reference as to whether it will fit a baby.

I spent the weekend in Madison, WI, saying good-bye to some friends who are moving to Seattle and visiting my alma mater. It was great. My husband and I went to the Dane County Farmers Market, which puts all the Chicago farmers markets to shame (including the Green City Market). Strangely enough there was a Nazi rally at the Capital on Saturday. There was also an anti-Nazi counter rally. I steered clear of the whole sha-bang, figuring that the Nazis don't need any more attention. But really... there are Nazis? Still? Gathering in one of the most liberal cities in the Midwest? Very peculiar.

Here are a few shots of Mad-town:

The Capital

One of the crazy cow statues scattered throughout the city this year. This one's in front of the Memorial Union.

Bascom Hall. Abe Lincoln is said to stand up every time a virgin walks in front of him.

The Memorial Union Terrace. A great place for a beer and some people-watching.


Karin said...

That sweater's so pretty. I love Madison! Glad you had fun up there.

Beth said...

Wow Jodi--I am so impressed with your sweater. I had no idea you were so far advanced past scarves!

As for the Nazis in Madison...yes, they do exist. Actually, Beloit is a hotbed for neo-Nazis and Skinheads. I remember when we were in college there was talk of a Nazi demonstration in Madison and whether the city had the right to keep them away. It's a little hard to believe, though.