Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Bird baby blanket

It's yellow, and it's getting big! I'm still loving the oh-so-affordable Bernat Cottontots. I hadn't realized just how wide it was going to be when I cast on. The pattern called for dk yarn; since I was substituting worsted weight, I subtracted a number of repeats, but I guess I should have done more. I'm using circular needles, and it just sort of bunched up, hiding its enormous width. I have plenty of yarn, so it will work out fine. It will just be an awfully big blanket! :-)

My husband and I are taking a road trip with another couple out to Canton, Ohio for a friend's wedding this weekend. The a/c on our car is out yet again (the mechanic claimed that there wasn't a leak when we had the a/c recharged 2.5 months ago), so we're taking their car. More knitting time for me!

This will also be our first road trip where we can use our new portable DVD player that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Pretty slick!

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