Wednesday, April 25, 2007

sunny side up

It's time for baby knits! Two friends are expecting in June, and I would love to shower them with some handknit baby goodness.

There's a Baby Yoda Sweater underway. I've finished the left and right fronts and the back.It's a quick and easy knit so far. I'm knitting with cotton again despite having sworn it off. I'm knitting from the stash, and the Bernat Cottontots is such a lovely lemony yellow (not that you can tell from this crummy photo). The yarn is leftover from this blanket.

My gauge is a little loose since I'm using size 7 needles rather than the recommended 6s, but I just can't knit this yarn on size 6 needles. I'm developing a bad case of knitter's claw as it is.

My favorite part of the pattern (which is free over at dogs steal yarn):
Young Jedis prefer natural fibers, you know. Acrylic interferes with The Force.


Wool Winder said...

The baby sweater is going to look great in that yarn. I love to knit with cotton, but I do have to be careful. Cotton can give my hands a workout. I've had to set one project aside for now, because it was causing my fingers to go numb.

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Sharon said...

How funny - I too am knitting two baby sweaters. I'm using a cotton blend from Knit Pix. Since I'm using the same color for both genders, I'll run a thin satin ribbon around the edges to clarify that I knew what I was doing. I don't though. The color wasn't what I expected. I know they'll be adequately cute and certainly appreciated which is what counts.

Chris said...

I love that bit from the pattern, too!

B said...

I made that sweater for a Star Wars fan's baby. I used Cottontots, too. I love that yarn.