Thursday, April 05, 2007

quick pre-holiday post

I'm about to head up to Milwaukee for the Easter holiday, but I want to send out a great big thank you to my SP10. An awesome package showed up on Wednesday.

Beautiful blue yarn -- Steinbach Wolle sock yarn, and Rowan Tapestry, which I have been drooling over for a long time. It's so pretty, and the soy gives it a really neat texture/hand.

What else? Some orange herbal tea that looks delicious, fancy chocolate (one Green & Black's -- pure luxurious yumminess), and some vanilla incense.

She even made me some jewelry! I never branch out into jewelry making, so that's a treat, too. I think I'm scarred by the memory of overturning an enormous box of beads from a grade school project and having to pick them ALL up. The earrings are made of origami paper, I think.

I've been experimenting with crochet for the past couple days, and I'm not ready to show the fruits of my labor to the WWW quite yet. I think I need to work on my tension a bit.

On a more random note, check out this NYT headline. Does this make anyone else think of Monty Python and Arthur, King of the Britons? Not too often these days do you hear UK residents described as Britons. Gotta love the NYT.

Speaking of the NYT, did anyone else read this article about Tabasco sauce over the weekend? One might think that an article about a condiment company would be dull, but this most certainly is not. My favorite bit is the heavy toll that the hot sauce barrels take on the company forklifts. I'm tempted to move to Avery Island.


prge pal said...

I thought the same thing! "I am Arthur, King of the Britons." "The who?" "The Britons." 'Oo are the Britons?" "We all are, and I am your King." Yet another common thread we have... I love me some Monty Python...

Chris said...

Fun stuff from your SP - those earrings are really clever.

Micki said...

Can't wait to see your crochet efforts!

Christy said...

She seems like a great spoiler.
That was a great title...someone had fun with her rhyming and alliteration all in one article title.

Sharon said...

Silly English K -niggits. Thanks for the Tabasco link. I do read NYT online but missed that story. It's refreshing to know that something I like has solid roots.

Bobbi said...

Nice parcel!
I wish I would have read this sooner...we were in MKE Saturday!