Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a rose by any other name

Now I know what to have my students call me! I prefer to be on a first-name basis, but this drives some of them batty.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Lady Madame Jodi the Querulous of Giggleswich Lanken
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miss ewe said...

Oh... that's cute!

sincerely, Lady Katherine the Toothsome of Hope End.

Mia said...

And they have to do it with a straight face.

Leah said...

Ha! I love it!!!

Oh & what nice goodies you got! Lucky!!! :)

Sharon said...

Great fun - thanks.

Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Sharon the Superficial of Fritterton on the Marshes

Rebecca said...

all best, Viscountess Rebecca the Encompassing of Herring-le-hole

nicole said...

Dear Madame Lady Querulous,
My utmost earnest gratefulness for your melodious pronounciations pertaining to my humble Icarus shawl.

Sincerely yours in all things knitterly,
Lady Madame Nicole the Purple of Withering by the Wold

pamela wynne said...

oh, thanks for the link. This is going to keep me and my office-mates entertained for hours!

Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Pamela the Inchoate of Old Yarkhillshire