Wednesday, April 04, 2007

robot culinaire

If you're looking for serious knitting content, you're out of of luck once again. Too much time has been spent studying as of late. I have updated the link for the Falling Water Lace Scarf pattern from two posts ago.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and kind get-well wishes for my grandmother. Her health is improving, which is a real relief. My birthday celebrations were low-key but quite nice. The only downside is that Paul developed a nasty case of food poisoning. I blame it on the take-out pasta we had for dinner.

We also learned that our cats do NOT like toddlers. There was plenty of hissing, hiding, and terror. The peanut butter cupcakes were delicious, but the milk chocolate glaze didn't turn out so well. I learned to trust my instincts rather than the candy thermometer on that one.

Paul surprised me with this:
A new "robot culinaire," as the French call it.

I think a "robot culinaire" should be able to do far more than chop up veggies and whip up some pesto. It should more closely resemble Rosie, the maid on the Jetsons, and cook up entire gourmet dinners! We're going Kitchen Aid this time, since I managed to wear out / break my Cuisinart (which was a wedding present less than 4 years ago).

I have added a few more items to my very long knitting queue:

- Buttony - Heidi just finished a really cute one; Leah knit a great, slightly less buttony version a while back.
- Button Me Up
- Cozy - Bobbi's knitting a gorgeous red Cozy right now
- Knotty Hat
- Manitou Passage Scarf
- Persephone Scarf
- Wild Flower Shawl
The cats, fully recovered from the toddler encounter, though still slightly suspicious


Chris said...

Love the one suspicious eye in that picture of your cats!

Micki said...

I love my Kitchen Aid "robot culinaire"! Mine gets used very regularly, and it's never given me a moment of trouble.

Karin said...

My cats also despise youngsters!! One of them will tolerate them miserably, the other will hiss and shout.

That robot culinaire is cracking me up!!

Glad you had fun on your birthday, and thank you for inviting me!! I hope to be at knitting tonight....but I have a test tomorrow and I am getting very nervous for it!

Christy said...

I want a Rosie for my kitchen. I do like that Buttony sweater. Nice knitting queue

Anonymous said...

Hello Jodi,

I am your treater from the Knitters Treat Exchange. I am pleased to meet you (via your blog).

: )